Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Prolimatech Armageddon

Prolimatech hit the overclocking community with so much force with the Megahalems many wandered how they could top a cooler that performed so great. There were many reviews on the Megahalems; I don’t recall not a single site that rated the cooler lower than a nine. Under the rash of rather huge dual fan CPU coolers did we find anything that could clearly outperform the Megahalems.

The Megahalems was simply a tower-style designed cooler with a unique split down the middle that made the cooler look two towers. This coupled with six high performing heat-pipes, a nickel concave base and 790 grams of pure weight made the Prolimatech Megahalems the force it was.
The next release from Prolimatech was not to top the Megahalems but to offer another variation to the aged cooler. This can in the form of the Mega Shadow basically a black version of the Megahalems. Not a game changer when it came to cooling the Mega Shadow offered us who want everything black that chance.

When Prolimatech finally decided to release a new cooler to the world it came in the form of the Armageddon. The Armageddon aimed at the individual wanting dual fan cooling possibilities but not wanting the mounting issues or extreme weight that with the high performing coolers we are seeing today.  The Armageddon has a simplistic look about itself but that simplistic look brings easier mounting, support for dual fans but still weighs as much as the Prolimatech. Do these features make it a desired cooler amongst all the great performing coolers of today?

Prolimatech take on the Armageddon

Megahalems was Prolimatech’s first ever CPU heatsink and it quickly became the one to beat and paved the road for all others to follow. Months have passed and competition has once again heated up. One noticeable thing is that size has become larger and larger in these heatsinks. This may not be practical as clearance becomes an issue.

With Armageddon, strap on a 14cm fan and let Prolimatech show you that brawn can overcome size. Time to rid of the playing yield. Armageddon!