Cooler Master NotePal U3 Laptop Cooler

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Introduction to the Cooler Master NotePal U3

We here at Pro-Clockers are fast becoming familiar with Cooler Master’s line of laptop coolers, as we have reviewed no less than eight of them. Most of the time the newest one is slightly better than the last, but we were real big fans of the NotePal U2. A unit that I used for some time after the review was done as it was my ASUS WJB best friend. Then from Cooler Master’s Choiix line came the Comforter. Since the purchase of my new Sony F series I no longer need a cooler like the U2, but something more that would allow for more comfortable laptop usage, and s a matter of fact I am typing this very review while using the Comforter.

It seems that Cooler Master has not stop with the manufacturing of their laptop cooler line and has released a new NotePal, entitled the U3. The U3 differs from the U2 in many ways. One exciting feature would be the custom control over the fans to best fit your needs. Yes you got it, the fans can be adjusted to cool areas of the laptop that require it the most. A must have for anyone needing that extra bit of external cooler.

Cooler Master take on the NotePal U3

“Cooler Master, in its commitment to continual improvement, has improved the value proposition of the NotePal U3 by having it support 17-19 inch notebooks and equipping it with three movable 80mm fans that are connected to a fan speed controller clip. This is all powered by a single pass-through USB cable so users won’t have to sacrifice a USB port. The fan speed controller clip allows for easy attachment to either side of the U3 to accommodate different USB port locations.”