Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler

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Closer look

First of all, we would like to give Phanteks props for giving the buyer a choice in colors. The PH-TC14PE comes in five different color variations. There is blue, red, orange and white. We will be taking a look at the white model which is pretty hard to photography against the white background we normally use. But the choice of colors does allow the user to better coordinate his/her better.

The PH-TC14PE is a pretty large cooler when it is fully assembled. And being as large as it is weight is at a level many may become cautious. With both fans planted on the cooler it weighs 2.76 pounds. Phanteks did a nice job of minimizing the stress places on the motherboard with a great mounting system. The height of the cooler is 6.7” and it has a length of6.25”. Yes, this is one big cooler.

 We stated earlier in the article that Phanteks uses two technologies to help improve the cooling capacity of the cooler. The first is called P.A.T.S or Physical Antioxidant Thermal Shield. This is a coating that allows the cooler to reflect any heat products by any surrounding component like a video card.

The other tech Phanteks used is called C.P.S.C or Cold Plasma Spraying Coating. This is a special coating that is applied to a metal to allow it to adsorb heat at a faster rate. We have no way of testing to see if these new processes really work so we will take Phanteks word for it.

The PH-TC14PE takes the ever popular dual tower design. A configuration that I am sure many of you are familiar as we saw it with the Cogage Arrow and the Noctua D14. Aesthetically, we have to see the PH-TC14PE is a real looker.

The fin array is what makes this new product the real looker that it is. Each layer of the fins is coated in the color which the user buys. So, if you were to purchase the red one each fin is red. Phanteks has giving the individual something new and enriching with the different color variations. The difference between the two towers is perfect for adding a third fan to the mix.

To support the fin array is a series of five Nickel-plated copper heat pipes which are all 8mm in diameter. This particular cooler is one of the first that does not allow the ends of the heat pipes to extend up the top. Phanteks used a top fin to cover them giving it a cleaner look.

Phanteks did a good job on the base of the cooler. It is not one would call shiny but very smooth with minimal lines.

Another praise that I would have like to give to Phanteks is the fact that they one very good fan and it is included with this cooler. We have seen many companies either included a lower end fan from their line up or a fan that is not even part of their product line. The fan is a 140mm which is color matched to the cooler. Ours were white while there are red, blue, orange and black.

The fan specs are as follows: 1300 RPM, 88.6 CFM @ 20 dBA. But for those that want the PWM function a PWM adapter is included with the accessory kit. And with the adapter the fan specs are 700 – 1200 RPM, 45 – 78 CFM @ 13 – 19 dBA.

The cooler comes with many accessories making it a guarantee that it will fit a top any current CPU socket.