Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review

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Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review



What do you get when you take the manufacturers of the ‘world’s most ultimate driving machine’ and the people that makes some of the world’s most desire PC components? Some sweetly designed PC cases and mouse. Thermaltake and BMW’s DesignworksUSA first gave us the Level 10 chassis which was definitely different from anything else on the market and you can tell this was a good think as many could not wait to get their sweaty palms on it.

The Level 10 case did spurn off another case in the Level 10 GT. It didn’t have the awesomeness of the original but offered much of the styling and some of the features many came to like in the first model. From then on different color and theme variations stemmed off from them.

Now, the new creation of the two has hit the U.S. shores in the form of the Level 10 M gaming mouse. Yes, a mouse. The Level 10 M visually is just as impressive as the chassis. Plagued with many of surface panels and buttons, the Level 10 M could easily intimidate many regular PC users as well as other gaming mice. There has been much talk about the new mouse mostly coming from Thermaltake, so are about to venture into the Level 10 M ourselves and see just what it is all about.

Thermaltake’s take on the Level 10 M

For the Level 10 project Thermaltake wanted a design partner which stands for innovative thinking and revolutionary approaches in design. Right from the beginning therefore, DesignworksUSA has been the design partner for the Level 10 project. The global design consultancy has skillfully extended the Level 10 design concept and translated it to a vital gaming accessory: the Level 10 M Mouse. Working in various industries, the design team is able to transfer visions and inspiration between many projects and has successfully demonstrated this ability in the latest Tt eSPORTS product design. With the Level 10 M Mouse Thermaltake presents a product which was inspired by the leading future thinkers. The collaboration between Thermaltake Group and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA will be continued and with an extended e-Sports product range it will keep its focus on serving the high demands of our customers.