Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire TK Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review

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When it came time to test it was nice to know that I did not have to good through the troubles of going back behind my PC to pull out the USB cable. I simply unplugged the cable from the back of my Trigger and plugged in the TK.

My first impressions with the TK were not bad at all. I opened a Word document that I needed to finish and begun typing like normal. I found myself not having to get use to the physical size of the keyboard but the Cherry MX blue keys. So, I won't fault the keyboard for me missing letters in my words. It was a matter of pressing the keys a little hard to activate. Over a short period of time I no longer had that issue.

It did think be a little longer to get use to the number pad to the right. Between having to use the numbers and direction keys within a document, I often found myself out of place and having to place the cursor back where it was needed. There is a chance that some may not have this problem as they may only use the TK for gaming and not everyday typing.

Now comes the fun part…..gaming. I will be completely honest and say that I did not miss a step when it came time to engage in battle. I played several hour of Call of Duty: MW3 and my stats much pretty stayed about the same or slightly increased.

In these last images we show the different illumination stages of the TK. There are three different modes with five different brightness levels.