Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire TK Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review

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First, I would like to say that I love how CM listening to the community when it comes time to release a new product or when it is time to make some changes in an old one. In this case many (especially LAN gamers) wanted a smaller more compact keyboard to transport between LAN parties. CM gave us that with the QuickFire TK.

Second, many wanted less branding with the continuation of great quality in a keyboard. Once again we got that with the QuickFire TK. Only the CM Storm logo is present on the surface of the keyboard. And the TK is built like a rock. It should last you many years.

Third, the consumer wants choices. And again he got that with the QuickFire TK. With this keyboard you got your choice of three different Cherry MX switches as well as three different back lightings. This here allows you to be a little different from the next guy.

Using the QuickFire TK will take some getting used to but then again what keyboard or mouse for that matter doesn’t? It took me less than a day to become comfort with this keyboard. It may take many lesser time and a few longer. But in the end it is a pretty good keyboard once you have settled in.

If you are a MMO/RPG gamer you may find that the lack of macro keys a reason not to spend the money on the TK. If you a FPS player, you may come to love this keyboard as you may not have a reason for these types of keys.

Google shopping shows the QuickFire TK going for as low as $79.

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