ASRock Z77 OC Formula

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Introduction to the ASRock Z77 OC Formula Socket 1155 Motherboard

Today on the bench we have the new ASRock Z77 OC Formula motherboard. You know, the one that is plastered all over the web and the showcase of many threads on countless forums. Yes, the exact same! The one that is endorsed and built around the fabulous overclocking skills and experience of Nick Shih.

Unlike ASRock's Fatal1ty line of motherboards, this particular model is meant strictly for overclocking and for those that enjoy the art of pushing their gear to new levels. Mr. Shih, as well as ASRock, went all out to give the overclockers all the advantages in their attempt to achieve overclocking greatness.

There are a ton of electrical features that have been added to the Z77 OC Formula to help you succeed in your overclocking adventure, one which we will talk about in this review. However, it is not all about caps, VRMs and MOSFETs with this motherboard, nay, as ASRock recruited the aid of Gelid for the board’s cooling. 

ASRock’s take on the Z77 OC

Global Top-3 motherboard manufacturer, ASRock Inc., today excited to release its first OC-oriented mobo gear named Z77 OC Formula. Exclusively designed by the world's OC legacy performer, Nick Shih, this board aims at the enthusiast end of the market, is full to the brim with features. This celebrity board opens up overclocking possibilities and delivers control opportunities in every way, featuring the most detailed and considerate design of any overclocking motherboard.