Newegg Ships Counterfeit Intel Core i7 920 CPUs

"Initial reports of the fakes began yesterday when at least 3* 5 separate incidents totaling 7* 9 counterfeit processors cropped up on Youtube, HardOCP and the forums. The recipients of the fakes had all purchased the CPU’s from within the past few days.


We contacted Newegg and a representative confirmed that they did in fact receive “incorrect inventory” in the form of  counterfeit processors from a vendor and that they are working to rectify the matter as quickly as possible. Unfortunately further questions about how they intended to resolve the matter with the unfortunate purchasers or details about where the counterfeits came from and how they managed to slip by screenings were ignored.

The pictures below,  taken by the unwitting buyers tell the story. The heatsink had been swapped with a rather crude epoxy or clay like molding of the stock Intel HSF, with a picture of the fan’s top part attached. The CPU was layers of of metal  and PCB with a fake IHS on the top and a sticker attached with typical Core i7 information. The box itself was riddled with spelling errors, and to bypass the security seal, the box was printed with a “Intel Factory Sealed” sticker look alike and a clear sticker attached over top."

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